S.No.  Program
1Improved human resource management (HRM) system of CTEVT and its centres
1.1Develop human resource management system (HRM) for staffs of CTEVT and its centres
1.2Upgrade ICT system-based report management of CTEVT
1.3Upgrade CTEVT staffs and trainer skills (public and private)
1.4Strengthen provincial/CoE/ central offices
2Increased employer representation in development and validation of curricula.
2.1Development new curricula to match market need, in collaboration with the private sector
2.2Design and develop learning materials
3Improved quality assurance system, standards and monitoring by engaging private sector
3.1Develop quality assurance Model (QA)
3.2Build capacity to conduct research and studies
4Improvement in coordination and collaboration with national TVET stakeholders at national and international level.
4.1Expansion of TVET programmes by coordinating with the local elected authorities at the urban/village level municipalities to launch a “Skills for work” Campaign
4.2Conduct sharing events/seminars/workshops
4.3Conduct TVET social marketing and improve visibility and communication